Dear friends and customers,

My name is Pedro Ciudad Imedio, founder of Finca La Rosala, a company that was born out of my childhood passion for “panchitos;” the name given to the jumbo peanuts from my home region of Spain that were first roasted by my dear neighbor Angelito, who was the sole heir of a secret artisan family recipe. Angelito roasted his nuts in old fashioned wooden ovens with much love and with passion and did so since the beginning of the XIX century.

One day, while working in my office, I set out to once again purchase some of my beloved panchitos, when I arrived to Angelito’s shop where he was always busy roasting, I could not avoid watching his magic unfold. Angelito saw me watching him and asked if “…I wanted to learn how they are made?” Of course, I said yes! And that was the moment that Angelito took me “under-his-wing” and first began to finally teach me his secret family recipes, something that I would later promise to safeguard for the remainder of my lifetime.

One day while at home, and not too long after Angelito had sadly passed away, I reached the obvious conclusion that I could not permit these special family recipes to be lost to history and it was at that moment that I first resolved to start roasting them myself, and according to his careful instructions, and at first in the very simple oven of my own home.

In time, I was sharing these delicious panchitos with all of my friends and not long after I found myself experimenting with an even greater variety of nuts to include almonds, hazelnuts, pistachios and cashews… And in time, I started adding an ever increasing variety of savory flavors and seasonings.

The end result was that all of my friends were continually asking me more and more for these delectable nuts, soon the demand grew so great that I had no choice but to expand my roasting operations to a full fledge factory.

Today, and after also teaching my wife and my two sons to roast nuts in this same very special way, Finca La Rosala is now blessed with a loving following of dedicated customers and a presence in more than dozen countries worldwide, and we continue to grow beyond our wildest dreams. And I am very certain that my good friend Angelito would be so very proud of me!

Thank you for your confidence in purchasing our nuts and from our family to your family we wish you all healthy munching.






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