Life Cocktail Origin

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Valencia Almonds (40%), Hazelnuts (25%), Pecans (20%) and Pistachio (shelled, 15%) *May contain traces of other nuts.

Origin: Almonds: Spain, Hazelnuts: Turkey, Pecans: USA, Pistachio: Spain

Variety / Caliber: Almonds: Valencia/Comuna S/14, Walnuts: Quarters / Halves 80%-20%, Hazelnuts: 13/15 MM, Pistachio: Kerman (shelled)

Nutritional Information Per 100g

Energy 2,607.01 kJ / 622.90 kcal
Fats 57.67g
  Saturates 7.63g
Carbohydrates 11.18g
  Sugars 3.43g
Protein 19.99g
Salt <0.1g


Rich in protein, energy of the best quality, healthy fats, calcium and other minerals in abundance, antioxidant vitamin E, alternative to dairy and invigorating for young people and athletes.


High concentration of natural (healthy) fats: from 50% to 60%. In addition, it has 10% water, 5% sucrose and proteins such as cofilin. Being rich in magnesium, vitamin B and Vitamin E, this fruit is especially effective against aging. Strengthens the nervous system.


Improves the functioning of the brain. It is one of the best known properties of walnuts. Lowers LDL cholesterol. Stronger body. Natural antioxidant. They help you sleep better. Stronger bones. Good for the skin.


Great contribution of carbohydrates. Good source of vegetable protein. High in unsaturated fats (good fats). High antioxidant power. Abundant content of vitamins B6 and E, zinc, potassium and phosphorus. Very rich in magnesium, iron and calcium.