For many‚ the best nuts in the world




At Finca La Rosala we hand wash our nuts before roasting them or pack them to remove any impurities that may come from the field.


All the Finca La Rosala nuts are made with natural ingredients and are gluten free. Like Angelito did it...


Finca La Rosala buys more than 80% of its raw materials in Spain. Always with the national product.


At Finca La Rosala we hand-roast all our nuts, turning them continuously for an even finish. As always; by hand, with care and love.



Unique nuts around the world. Handmade roast with natural ingredients and innovative and amazing flavors, extracted from nature itself.

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Handmade roasted nuts, with a traditional touch, elaborated with salt and “La Vera” paprika. *Also available only roasted, without added ingredients.

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Raw nuts, naturals, from the best crops and most of them from Spain. Just washed and dried.

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Glass Jar

Glass jars of 40g and 90g vacuum packed, ideal for hotel minibars, as a gift-gift, for tasting and for gourmet shops.

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Doypack bag of 150g, 500g and 1 Kg, stands erect on its own, with easy open and zipper. Vacuum packed with a protective atmosphere.

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Bag of 25g and 100g special retail format-Impulse, vending or gift. Practical, simple and more economical compared to other formats, keeping the quality of the dried fruit.

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60g case with a bag inside packed in a protective atmosphere. Ideal for gift and Christmas baskets.

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Dear friend and customer,

My name is Pedro Ciudad Imedio, founder of Finca La Rosala, which was born due to the passion that I have since childhood for “panchitos”, name given to the jumbo peanuts in my region, which ones were roasted by my neighbor “Angelito”, inheritor of an artisan family, whom have roasted nuts in wooden ovens since the beginning of the XIX century.

One day, I was in my office and I went to buy my dear “panchitos”, when I arrived to the “Angelito’s” shop, he was roasting them and I could not avoid to stay watching him how he made it. He realized and asked me if I wanted to learn, of course I said yes, and he loved to teach someone which he had done his whole life, started to show me all his tricks and secrets.

Soon after, “Angelito” deceased, so one day, reflecting in my house, I reached the conclusion that I could not leave these recipes in oblivion and I started to roast in the oven of my house.

Bit by bit, I was giving away to my friends the first “panchitos” and I was testing more nuts: almonds, hazelnuts, pistachios, cashews... In addition I added them innovators flavours.

The result was that all my friends were asking me more and more nuts, at the same time that it was spreading, mouth to mouth, to the friends of my friends and nearby people.

Nowadays, after building a small roaster and teach to my wife and my sons to roast in this special way, Finca La Rosala has many consolidated customers and presence in more than 12 countries.

For all this, thank you for your confidence in buying our nuts and have health to enjoy them.

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